The project consists in the development of one of the six installations to be realized in occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Furniture Fair in Milano.
With the project 50+50 the International Furniture Fair invited a selection of designers and our academic research unit to question how would be design within the next 50 years.

The Non linear Solutions Unit is an experimental LAB, connecting advanced tools developed within the university context with the reality of proffesional practice. It has been invited by Marva Griffin, the director of the Salone Satellite, to be part of the 50+50 project.

By taking into account several case study NSU explores the way in which advanced tools are affecting our approach to architecture and design.
The experience of the Milano Furniture Fair, explores the capacity of a model to respond to different site conditions, and to reconfigure in accord with technical experiential, economical, and social conditions.


The Milano Furniture Fair is widely recognized as the world’s largest and most important annual exposition of international design with over 300,000 visitors annually.
It is always showing the latest experiential installations and interacting with visitors.
It is an event involving not only the design community, but all the cultural environment of the city of Milano.
link to the salone

Check the videos to see some of the last editions designs.

The project is going to be structured in 4 phases.

Phase 1:
Organization, schematic design, definition of basic constrains and frame work, cost estimate, coordination.
Number of hours 160 (NSU),
Schematic Design: Caterina Tiazzoldi
Research assistant Javier 

Phase two:  Visual studies class 50 + 50 Milano Furniture Fair:  Parametric Implementation for a Site Reactant installation (SRI)  GSAPP Students – January 2011 (please see attachment), developed by Caterina Tiazzoldi. 

TA: Dan Cashen, Vern Roether, Bryce Suite and Javier Zaratiegui.
George Valdes               
Ben Brichta                   
Elena Kapompasopoulou 
Georgina Lalli                
Youmi Kim                    
Andrew Kim                  
Kyra Thomas                
Florence Schmett         
Allen Robinson             
Evan Bauer                  
Thomas Pope               
Katherine Thorn            

Phase three: Visual studies class 50 + 50 Milano Furniture Fair: Body reactant interface (BRI) An interactive video interface to develop for the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the  Milano Furniture Fair. (please see attachment) developed by NSU/GSAPP in a strict collaboration with Mirko Arcese.
Andrew Kim                  
Cristina Handal             
Dionysis Kaltis             
Evan Bauer                   
George Valdes              
Jevin Dornic                  
Kelsey Lents                
Michael Gonzales         
Michele Bruno              
Sanny Ngy                   
Tom Sebastian             

Phase four:  finalization of the work, final construction drawings, execution coordination, budget finalization, time line, on site construction, permanence in Milan or during the design week presentation to public and security.


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