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Sanny Ng & Michael Gonzales

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Answers from Michael & Sanny

Which kind of interaction? What is your interpretation of socialization and well being?

Allowing people the ability to participate within a society that is formed by shared experiences or histories while contributing to social and cultural continuity. Our proposal addresses the issue of socialization and well being by allowing the visitors to interact with each other through the shared experience of the installation.

Focus on Output. Find examples and link them to the blog
            Type of output
            How are they aggregation
                        Single Image
                        Assembly of video and images
            How does it behave
                        When visitors enter the installation they will disrupt a population of agents that are projected on the floor. This disturbance will steer the visitors towards each other through a swarm of agents that will encapsulate them based on speed of movement, height,etc.
            When are the images appearing
                        The video will always be running but will reconfigure based on the visitor's movement and amount of visitors in the space.
            Why, What does it mean-
                        The users will be tempted to slow down allowing them to become more aware of their environment and those around them.
            With which logic images
                        The video will always be moving but will adapt to the movement and pace of the visitors. The swarm of agents will surround the visitors attracting them to each other.
            Which shape are they assuming
                        Initially there will be no predefined shape. The traces of the users will determine the final form and shape (pattern) of the installation.
            Do they have a shape or behave as a flock that reconfigures
                        The amoeba-like behavior of the agents will reconfigure based on the users movement.

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